Discover How Our IoT Product Suite Covers Every Stage of Your IoT Use Case

Digitally transforming cities, enterprises, and communities is a journey towards endless opportunities. The question is how soon and how easily you realize the opportunities.

Every IoT deployment today has to overcome the challenges of vendor complexity, a multitude of protocols and standards, and disparate hardware and software. These challenges complicate IoT adoption and prolong time to value.

We help you simplify your IoT journey. Our IoT products abstract out the complexities to make your road to deployment faster, predictable, and cost-effective.

What distinguishes our IoT Products?

01 Subscription-based, Zero cost of ownership

02 Fully-managed

03 Pay as you grow

04 No in-house expertise required

05 Highly reliable performance

06 Industrial grade rugged security and resilience

07 Deterministic sensor deployment minimizes truck-rolls

08 Covers every stage of your IoT journey – planning, deployment, management

09 Single-pane-of-glass dashboards simplify control and management

10 Accelerates Time-to-Value

Choose from our Product Suite

N-View simplifies how you determine good network health for deploying IoT sensors. It gives you a high degree of confidence and predictability in your IoT deployment and runtime performance.

N-SMART provides single solution efficiencies to get connected, get insights, and manage outcomes to transform your business. One platform manages every aspect of your IoT solution across the entire product lifecycle.

N-Smart enables several Smart city solutions.

For more information about the platform, contact our team of experts.